7 October 2020

Сhocolate O’Zera No sugar

Sugar-free chocolate! Health benefit and pleasure in every bite

In support of the worldwide trend for a healthy and balanced diet, KDV released a delicious new reduced-calorie product – O’Zera No Sugar sugar-free bitter chocolate.

Of course, sports and a healthy lifestyle are the hottest trends, but now there is no need to deny yourself some chocolate. O’Zera No sugar is a tasty and healthy dessert with a minimum of carbohydrate and calories.

Recipe of sugar-free bitter chocolate is unique. It was designed to meet the needs of the most tough audience who choose a healthy lifestyle and products that fit perfectly into a balanced diet.

- The new chocolate has five times less carbohydrate than its counterpart with 55% cocoa.

- The O'Zera No sugar line products contain a combination of two prebiotics — inulin and oligofructose — which replace sugar. These are chicory root natural fibers that are beneficial for the digestive system.

Inulin and oligofructose have a low glycemic index, which makes the new KDV product the best choice for people who lead a healthy lifestyle and keep a diabetes diet.

- To keep the familiar sweetness of bitter chocolate, stevia — a zero-calorie natural vegan sweetener — was added to the new chocolate instead of sugar. As stevia is much sweeter than sugar, its content in the final product is minimal.

Before going to school, work, training, or getting your child off to school, put O'Zera No sugar in your bag — the perfect treat that lets you enjoy your favorite chocolate and fits perfectly into a healthy diet.

Sugar-free chocolate line includes two products:

(55 % bitter chocolate with orange oil and stevia extract).

(55 % bitter chocolate with grated cashew, ground hazelnut, and stevia extract).