4 February 2021

O'Zera Love and O'Zera Thank you candies

O'Zera Love and O'Zera Thank you candies – heavenly delight in a stylish packaging

KDV made it possible to enjoy a heavenly delight when released two amazing boxes of chocolates in elegant and gorgeous gift packaging.

O'Zera Love are chocolates with nut paste praline and whole hazelnuts. Rich, sublime flavor of this delicate treat harmoniously combines hints of milk, cocoa, hazelnut, and exquisite sweetness.

The premium quality level of chocolates is emphasized by the stylish packaging made of high-quality cardboard with velvety and pleasant Soft Touch coating.

O'Zera Thank you are milk chocolate candies with an enveloping truffle filling.

These chocolates are a classic impossible to resist: dome-shaped chocolate cream candies covered in natural cocoa powder.

The original packaging made of metalized cardboard emphasizes all advantages of the top-quality dessert’s flavor.

O'Zera Love and O'Zera Thank you gift sets are a nice token of appreciation for a loved one, will help to express your feelings and say thank you to those who are dear to your heart.


Love: http://kdv-group.com/en/category/45#434,2301

Thank you: http://kdv-group.com/en/category/45#434,2302