1 October 2021

Smart Formula — sugar-free bars with 100% natural ingredients

Do sweets and functional foods fit together? "Yes!" confidently says the KDV company launching a new line of Smart Formula fruit and nut bars with a super-simple, 100% natural formula.

The bars are designed for the everyday diet of people who live an active, healthy lifestyle and for those who follow vegan diets. They help to quickly regain energy after sporting activities and prolonged mental strain, and to cope with increased physical and emotional stress.

The bars are sugar-free and the sweetness they have is given by dates, which are called "the berries of life". Dates are rich in vitamins and contain about a dozen microelements, including such powerful antioxidants as selenium. They satisfy hunger quickly, boost immunity and enhance performance.

The new line offers five types of delicacy:

 Smart Formula Cashew

- date bars with cashews

Smart Formula Pecan

- date bars with pecan, almond, cashew and apple

Smart Formula Cranberry – ginger

- date bars with cranberry and ginger

Smart Formula Cocoa – mint

- date bars with cashew nut, hazelnut and cocoa powder with mint extract

Smart Formula Raspberry-lime

- date bars with almond, cashew, raspberry and lime extract.

Smart Formula bar is a tasty alternative to other sweets, a source of strength, energy, and a good mood! Bar goes well together with tea and coffee. The bar is convenient to carry along and eat it on the go.

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