10 November 2015

"KDV-Voronezh": the factory is operating in testing regime


"KDV-Voronezh" factory has started operating as a part of "KDV-Group" holding company. "KDV-Voronezh" is the largest manufacturing site of the Russian producer of snacks and confectionery products.
"KDV-Voronezh" is both high-tech manufacturing and powerful logistic unit.

The factory is built in Bogdanovo village, Ramon raion, Voronezh oblast.

Factory's facilities are launched in stages: at present 15 lines operate in stable regime, producing caramel, nougat candies, waffles, waffle rolls and rolled cakes, popcorn, seeds and onion rings. The product volume is about 150 tons daily.

"Our task is to reach the product volume of 350 tons daily by mid-2016. We are planning to make the facility fully operational in the beginning of 2017. By that time, we hope, 33 lines will be operational on "KDV-Voronezh" facility, producing about 20 kinds of products with overall volume of 500 tons of products daily" – explains Denis Shtengelov, chief executive of the "KDV-Group".

Factory near Voronezh for "KDV" is not just an additional manufacturing site, equipped with high-technology equipment. "KDV-Voronezh" is also a powerful logistic unit, as apart from the factory, the producer of snacks and confectionery products has also invested in construction of distribution centre.

It is built on the same facility as the manufacturing site on an area of 36000 square metres.

The producer independently transports snacks and confectionery products from other factories nationwide to the storage facility, from which the production is delivered to the retail outlets of central Russia.

The storage facility can provide the daily capacity up to 120-150 trucks of finished goods.

In the first place, "KDV-Voronezh" site (with 15 billion of total investment) provides new opportunities for the producer of snacks and confectionery products. Fresh and various products of such trade marks as "Grandmum's Seeds" ("Babkiny semechki"), "Yashkino", "Kirieshki", "Companions" ("Kompashki"), "3 Crusts" ("3 Korochki"), "Bondi", "Bombaster" and others are now as close as possible to the Central Russia residents.