20 June 2022

“Fitto” are herbal teas created by nature!


Chamomile “for calmness”, ginger “from cold”, rosehip, fireweed and currant leaves “for immune system”. A new product in the KDV’s range “Fitto” teas for you to make a cup of tea for health and pleasure.

“Fitto” are invigorating morning sets (based on sagan-dayla, ginger or other tonic herbs and plants) and evening relaxants (for example, based on chamomile or melissa). The other sets are based on neutral herbs with familiar and pleasant flavors: rose hips, currant leaf or fireweed.

Herbs that we use in our blends have been famous for a long time due to their health-giving powers. They contain a lot of healthy substances which our body needs: vitamins and minerals, phytoncides, essential oils etc.

The generosity of nature, the variety of spicy and fragrant herbs, aroma, and benefits in every cup - all of this is “Fitto” collection!

Range of “Fitto” herbal teas https://kdv-group.com/ru/brand/87