17 October 2022

Snackit – «elven loaves» of the ХХI century


The modern world is a constant flow of events, where you need to know exactly how to quickly replenish energy!  Ideally, it should be a product that saturates, impresses with taste, brightens up everyday business life, has a friendly gathering and can be eaten as you go.  

Do you think it`s fiction? Not at all!

Do you remember the "elven loaves" – the lembas that the heroes of Tolkien's books took with them on the road? We present you our version of a delicious snack – delicate and crunchy snackits!

Snackits are the new generation of snacks: baked in the oven, so they have both an airy and a crunchy texture.

- Nutritious.

- Baked, not fried.

The new range of snacks includes following three flavors:

  • "Cheese"
  • «Pizza»
  • "Bavarian sausage"

Yummy snackits will replenish energy in any situation when you want to have a snack!

Snackit – love at first crunch!

Snackits Assortment of "Kirieshki"