12 April 2021

When we say “tenderness”, we mean O’Zera Milk & White

Beauty, flawless ingredients, and charming flavor. O’Zera Milk Cream and O’Zera White Cream are incredibly delicious new products of KDV with all these qualities.

The combination of a tender, melting filling and an amazing chocolate with enveloping creamy notes is the most delicious thing in these treats.

The perfect taste is achieved by using the best ingredients for this type of candies. Each candy shell is made of real O'Zera Extra Milk milk chocolate, which is made from selected cocoa beans and whole milk powder.

The new line contains two types of treats:

O’Zera Milk Cream

– chocolate candies with milk and chocolate creamy filling

O’Zera White Cream

– chocolate candies with white creamy filling

And the O'Zera Milk & White set in an elegant stylish packaging is for those who like everything at once. The set contains chocolate candies with two types of tender fillings.

Chocolate candies of an attractive spherical shape are perfect for tea parties and as a delicious present for the most demanding people who have a sweet tooth.

The range of O'Zera Milk & White candies will include new flavors and new packaging formats.